AIS Contact Center Development & Training Arena

Served as a center of human resources development in Northeastern region of Thailand, AIS Contact Center is a product of our interpretation of AIS brand itself.

The design concept revolves around modern, clean lines that represent AIS’ character of unceasingly expansion of wireless network services. The entire building is designed to be user-friendly and appealed to new generations with the strong touch of lively atmosphere and professionalism.

BOT, Northeastern Region Office

With the total area of 12,000 sqm., Bank of Thailand is able to achieve the new level of national sophistication, modern yet minimal design, and international standard of office building at Khon Kaen province.

The interior design concept of the building is driven by local inspiration that represents Northeastern characteristics such as the use of Khon Kaen’s well-known fabric pattern of “Naka” on the wall treatments which symbolizes fertility and well-being. The functionality of the layout and furniture is highly concerned in the process of design development in order to satisfy the needs of the users.

China Cultural Center Of Bangkok

The China Cultural Center in Bangkok is the first of its kind established by the Chinese government in Southeast Asia. It is built to promote Chinese culture, as well as be a platform for corporation and cultural exchanges and enhance the friendship between two countries.

The design of the center carefully blends Thai and Chinese traditional architectural elements together such as the use of Thai and Chinese auspicious patterns. The building comprises of various facilities for the purpose of teaching Chinese culture such as the exhibition hall, theater, classrooms, library and a restaurant.

Our Office

We proudly present our own home! This is a small 4-level building amidst the bustling Ladprao road that can fit in an interior design studio of approx. 40 people. This is the place where our imagination runs wild. This is the place where we learn and train for professional interior design practice. This is the place where we create tangible works for our customers!

Twin Flame Studio, Venice di Iris

Located in a suburban area of Bangkok, Twin Flame is a production house in a 3-storey Venetian-styled building. We have created a creative working environment with a touch of industrial chic décor. The color scheme of the project is black and white which gives a stylish modern look, with a hint of red and wood color to breaks the stiffness of the space.

Veranda Resort Office

The new ‘veranda office ‘on 27th floor of Rasa tower Bangkok reflects the rapid growth and continued success of this new Thailand public company who specialised in boutique resorts market. Openness and connectivity are the key factors that encourage users to utilize and share their experiences together. A raw, exposed,and industrial materiality is carefully juxtaposed and interwoven with a palette of natural beauty, warmth and contemporary to form an urban oasis within.

Verso International School

With its uniquely-designed looped buildings, VERSO steps out of a traditional classroom to enhance limitless learning experience. The spacious design and flexible flow of the loops create an inspirational futuristic educational space for students and teachers. The loops are divided by different age groups to create a focused, age-appropriate learning environment. Each loop is a standalone innovative learning space with its own facilities comprises of flexible classrooms, communal areas, maker space and well-appointed science labs. The biggest loop is called The Hub which is the center of the school, home to dance studios, multimedia studios, exhibition spaces and teachers’ co-working spaces. Our design concept is based on children’s stages of self-development, from the early years’ sense of discovery and natural curiosity to teens’ expression of physical identity and emotional independence. These characteristics are represented in various forms, shapes and colors of our design elements throughout the campus.