BIA Co-Dhamma Space

After 8 years of operation, the Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives has decided to create a new space where people can feel comfortable and connected to Buddhism in daily life. It’s a place where the new generations can come to study Dhamma and chill in this city oasis. The interior design of this Co-Dhamma Space still follows the concept of serenity, simplicity and mindfulness.

Bistro De La Mer

Bistro De La Mer bring the cuisine and romance of French Riviera to the city center of Bangkok.Through the expansive window on 19th floor of Sindhorn Kempinski hotel, the interior atmosphere inspired by the Mediterranean seaside and shoreline with contemporary spirit in warm teak, white panels and coral blue tiles.
Here, the sea reveals itself at the main reflective ceiling with shimmering surface and decorative lights that look like fishing lanterns at night.

Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives

Tucked away in the corner of greenery railway park in Jatujak district, the BIA center is the reminder to the original Suan Mokkh Temple (Garden of Liberation) in Suratthani where Buddhadasa Bhikku spent his long life dedicating himself to teaching Buddhist doctrine and pure Dhamma.

This building hosts his collectibles and teachings when he was alive, which is an invaluable asset to Thai Buddhists. The interior design concept of this place respectfully follows his footprints of simplicity, humbleness, and emotional tranquility.

Casa Rocca Gallery

As one of the most prestigious importers of PVC, laminate wood, and ceramic tiles in Thai market, Casa Rocca has been working alongside Thai interior designers for 20 years. Their business has expanded efficiently until they decided to convert their old warehouse into a proper space to showcase their products and greet their customers. We have created for them a modern industrial space that resembles the ambience of an art gallery where guests can appreciate the products in style.


KOF is a one-of-a-kind coffee kiosk at the lobby of Sofitel So Bangkok. Designed to be distinct and futuristic, KOF has set a new trend in café scene in Thailand.

Its sleek and clean look stands out of the dark-granite background of Sofitel So Bangkok, inviting not only the white collars from nearby office buildings but also the café-hoppers to check out the space and ‘check-in’ on their social media.

Lan Bao Restaurant

Lan Bao is a Chinese restaurant that takes inspiration from a traditional house of Chinese wealthy family in Suzhou. Ancient Chinese architecture has been reimagined into a contemporary interpretation, resulting in an elegant design with a touch of Suzhou’s heritage such as ancient hieroglyphs, classical poetry and rock gardens. The entire space of 900 sqm. has been divided into 3 areas (tea lounge, private dining rooms and the main dining room) in order to serve various requirements of the users.

Saneh Jaan Thai Restaurant

From the name of an ancient Thai dessert, Saneh Jaan Thai restaurant is the perfect combination of authentic Thai cuisine with contemporary aspect. The interior design takes inspiration from the splendor of Thai housing architecture and the long-lasting history of Siam with contemporary touch. While enjoying the exquisite taste of Thai gastronomy, the customers will appreciate the interior design of the restaurant where each is the reminiscence of Thai housing components.